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Start Somewhere

Sifting through books I happened across a serendipitous resource. As the proverb states  'When the student is ready the teacher appears' so when I came across Start Somewhere by Ian Lynam I was tickled pink! As the subtitle suggests it's a "A Handbook of Dubious Exercises, Tips and Rants About Becoming a Designer Who Writes". Well Ian, here is a dubious exercise I thought I  shall share. Thanks for putting this out there for others to explore. Appreciate it!

Below is an exercise using random rapid words I chose. Please... Enjoy...

FYI... As the title of the book suggests, I am keen to continue writing more often as it is paramount to my practise as a designer.


The fog rose early that morning. It was forever pudding thick but today it had already banished by nine. But today was different, we just didn’t know that yet.

Sally was panting and growling… Scratching and sniffing down the back of the block as she seldom did… Clawing at the old Jurassic bone she’d buried all that long ago. She was an exemplar K9; beautiful but outside of the realm of attainable. Still wild enough to be distant in those banished moments. A tickle of wild Uncle John had always said.

"Layer by layer she clawed at each sedimentary level all the way down to the silt covering."

She clawed and clawed at the dirt. Layer by layer she clawed at each sedimentary level all the way down to the silt covering. It would have taken her all day if not a moment to uncover the dig. She was effortlessly gentle and reverent to what had been. The gigantic outlines of what once was. Melvin would have been at kin with this specimen. She just kept panting and growling… Scratching and sniffing… Just for a moment to be in the presence of this wondrous and antique beast. The Whale and her for that slight moment.

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